Poster Presentation at NAPS

Dr. Al-Masri presented a poster with a title of “Impact of Wind Turbine Modeling on a Renewable Energy System” at the 2016 IEEE North American Power Symposium (NAPS) in Denver on Sep. 19, 2016.


Outstanding Graduate Teaching Fellowship

Mr. Al-Masri has been selected as a Graduate Teaching Fellow on Fall 2016 for his excellent academic standing at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M University. The competition was college wide and a committee consisting of department heads and faculty members reviewed all applications and made final recommendations.This will give the selected students a supervised teaching experience that will help them compete for faculty positions at top tier universities.

Travel Award

Mr. Hussein Al-Masri was awarded a travel grant as one of the student ambassadors of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M University, to present a paper at the 2015 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Conference in Addison, TX, USA.

Andre de Morais’s defense

On June, 2016 Mr. Andre Morais successfully defended his Master thesis. His thesis title is “Analysis and Simulation of a PWM Converter Designed to Perform Harmonic Compensation and Maximum Power Point Tracking in a Grid Connected Solar System”.

Muneer Mohammad’s defense

On February , 2014 Dr. Muneer Mohammad defended his PhD’s dissertation on energy dynamics and mutation. He is currently working as postdoctoral research fellow at Texas A&M University.

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

On December, 2012 Mr. Muneer Mohammad received the first Outstanding TA Award in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Texas A&M University.

Lin Lai’s defense

On Novermber, 2012   Dr. Lin successfully defended his PhD’s dissertation on  design and control optimization for Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Milad Falahi’s defense

On September, 2012   Dr. Milad successfully defended his PhD’s dissertation. He is currently working as anEnergy Engineer II at Itron Inc.

Neeraj Shidore’s defense

On March, 2012   Dr. Neeraj successfully defended his PhD’s dissertation on Vehicle Systems modeling. He is currently working in Energy System Division at Argonne National Laboratory.

Ali Eskandari’s defense

 On March, 2011   Dr. Ali successfully defended his Ph.D’s dissertation on Computer Modeling and Dynamics of Vehicular Power Systems. He is currently working in Instrumentation & Control Engineer at BP.

Ronald Y. Barazarte’s defense

On May 2011   Dr. Ronald successfully defended his Ph.D’s dissertation on interaction of renewable energy systems and non-conventional electrical machines with the power system. He is currently an Assistant Professor in Technological University of Panama (UTP).

Guadalupe González’s defense

On June, 2011   Dr. Guadalupe successfully defended his Ph.D’s dissertation on Power – Invariant Magnetic System Modeling. She is currently an Assistant Professor in Technological University of Panama (UTP)

Texas A&M University Award

Dr. Ehsani received Texas A&M University System Patent and Innovation 2011 Award for patent “ Electric Machine having a High-Torque Switched Reluctance Motor,” US Patent No. 7,663,283,B2.

Short Course In Isreal

 December 2010 – Dr. Ehsani was invited by Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Israel to give a short course on Sustainable Energy Engineering. This course discussed the issues and technologies of sustainable energy production, consumption, and the relationship between the two.

Seminar In Panama

On June 2010, Dr. Ehsani was invited by the Technological University of Panama (UTP) to give a short seminar about Sustainable Energy. During his visit to Panama, Dr. Ehsani had the opportunity to meet with students, faculty members, research teams and members of the Panamanian Department for Energy who presented a clear picture of the Panamanian Energy status

In this picture: Dr. Edilberto Hall (Director of the Unit of Energy Savings at UTP), Dr.Mark Ehsani (Director of PEMDL at TAMU), Dr. Darío Solís (Director for Research at UTP), Guadalupe Gonzalez and Ronald Barazarte (Members of PEMDL and UTP)

Billy Yancey’s defense

Our  lab manager; Mr. Billy F. Yancey III defended his master’s thesis on a novel multi-input power converter for renewable energy sources. After graduation, Mr. Yancey is continuing his studies within the Power Electronics and Motor Drives group working on his Ph.D. in the area of sustainable energy and life cycle assessment.

Sriman’s defense

May 2010 – Mr. Sriram Sarma Emani successfully defended his master’s thesis. He is currently working  in  Xtreme Power. company.

Hug Chou’s defense

2010 – Mr. Hung Ming Chou successfully defended his master’s thesis on. Multi-port DC-DC power converter for renewable energy application

Ehsani receives IEEE Outstanding Service Award

Recently, Dr. Mehrdad Ehsani received the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Outstanding Service Award at the 2009 IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, “In recognition of founding and providing outstanding leadership for the IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion conference (VPPC).”

Ehsani founded the VPPC conference in 2001 as an annual conference jointly sponsored by the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society and IEEE Power Electronics Society. Since then, VPPC has become one of the most prestigious conferences in vehicular electro technology in the world.

Ehsani, the Robert M. Kennedy ’26 Professor II in electrical engineering at Texas A&M University and director of the Texas Applied Power Electronics Consortium (TAPC), joined the department in 1981. He has received more than 100 awards and recognitions from IEEE and other programs.

Ehsani is the first Fellow of both IEEE (1994) and SAE (2005). He is a pioneer in several power electronics technologies and he developed an entire family of converters for superconducting magnets and their applications for which he later wrote a book on this topic in 1988. Ehsani also developed an entire area of advanced switched reluctance motor (SRM) drives, for which he is internationally known. His original ideas, patents and publications in sensorless control of SRM drives, their noise and vibration control and their vehicle traction applications, led this field. His work in SRM and permanent magnet (PM) motor drives stimulated an entire genre of research in sensorless motor controls.

More recently, Ehsani is a pioneer in the development of the power electronic systems of modern electric and hybrid electric vehicles. His design methodologies, drives and control architectures have been widely adopted by the industry and referenced in other research and publications. One of his books on the topic, “Modern Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles – Fundamentals, Theory, and Design”, CRC Press, 2008, is in second edition and is an international best seller as the standard book for engineers and academics and is translated into Chinese.He also has produced other books, publications, patents, IEEE and industrial short courses on the topic.

Ehsani also was the founder of one of the first university power electronics teaching and research programs in theU.S. in 1981. This program at Texas A&M is internationally known and is emulated by many including its graduates that are now well-known professors. In 2003 he was selected for IEEE Undergraduate Teaching Award “For outstanding contributions to advanced curriculum development and teaching of power electronics and drives.”  He holds several professorship titles at Texas A&M and other Universities, including an endowed chair at Texas A&M. His lectures and extension courses in power electronics, motor drives, and EV/HEV are internationally known.

Ehsani was instrumental in the formation of the Power Electronics Society and served on the founding PELS AdCom, on which he still serves. He has served on many other leadership positions at IEEE-PELS, IAS and VTS, and he serves on the Board of Governors of IEEE-VTS.

Ehsani is a consultant to more than 50 companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia that spans the entire power electronics, motor drives and vehicle industry in the world. For example he was instrumental in the advancement of SRM applications by Emerson Electric Company, the C-Dump converter by GE and many others.

He has a long list of original contributions to the technology and applications of power electronics that span more than three decades. He is recognized as a leading academic in the field, with more than 300 publications, 13 books and book chapters, more than 20 patents, an IEEE Standards book and numerous short courses and lectures worldwide.

Richard Smith’s defense

August 2009Mr.  Richard Smith  successfully defended his master’s thesis on Design of a Control Strategy for a Fuel Cell/Battery Hybrid Power Supply.

Bo Chen‘s defense

August 2009Ms.  Bo Chen successfully defended her master’s thesis on Ultracapacitor Boosted Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle

Anurag Tolety‘s defense

2009Mr. Anurag Tolety successfully defended his master’s thesis.

Cummings Engineering meets the PEMDL

On late September 2008 Cummings Engineering visit the PEMDL and the Advanced Vehicle Group, to discuss current research interests and needs. Dr. Nazar Al-Khayat and Dr. Morgan Andreae both from Cummings Advanced Engineering group, presented the actual state of research at their group and some possible research projects with academia. The picture shows Dr. Al-Khayat, Dr. Andreae, Dr. Gao and Dr. Ehsani with the PEMDL students at the time of the meeting.

Dr. Solis Visit

On Summer 2008, we received the visit of Dr. Dario Solis, who is the research director of the Technological University of Panama (UTP). Several collaborative strategies between our group and the UTP were explored, specially since two of our PhD. students belong to the panamanian institution. On the picture, from left to right: Dr. Yimin Gao, Dr. Dario Solis, Dr. Mark Ehsani and our panamanian students, at the time of the meeting.

January 2008 Military Autonomous Vehicles Workshop

Prof. Mark Ehsani was invited to a workshop on Military Autonomous Vehicles at the US Army Tank Automotive Command (TACOM), in Dearborn Michigan

Dr. Schlecht’s visit

Dr. Martin Schlecht, CEO and founder of SynQor and former MIT professor; visited our group in early 2008. Dr. Schlecht gave a presentation on his experience on founding a technology based company and offered a very informative Q&A session to our students. Also, we had the opportunity to talk with him about our current research interests and cooperation possibilities were explored. The picture shows Dr. Ehsani and Dr. Schlecht with the rest of the attendants.

Randy Doolittle’s defense

On Spring 2008, Mr. Doolittle finished the research work he was doing at ISEA RWTH-AACHEN. His work was focused on noise reduction in electric drives by harmonic compensation via power electronics. Mr. Doolittle has been offered an opportunity to return to Germany and pursue doctoral studies as a researcher for Daimler Chrysler.

Dr. C.C. Chan’s Visit

Dr. C.C. Chan from Harbin University in China, visited our group with some of his collaborators on fall 2007. Dr. Chan has vast experience in electrical vehicular technology and is recognized as one of the most distinguished scientists in Asia. On his visit, Dr. Chan gave a presentation on the philosophy of innovation and hybrid electric vehicle design. Also new research collaborations between both groups were envisioned. The photo shows Dr. Ehsani and Dr. C.C. Chan accompanied by our staff.

Hugo Mena’s  defense

Hugo Mena, our former lab manager; defended his thesis on maximum power tracking control for wind power generators. Mr. Mena implemented on this work a novel control concept previously proposed by our group and combined it with his expertise in power electronics on a renewable technology application. Hugo has went to work with Applied Materials at their Austin office as a maintenance engineer, and currently is also involved in wind power development projects. The photo depicts Mr. Mena and Dr. Ehsani with all the committee members at the time of the defense.

Alex Skorcz’s defense

Recently, one of our Master’s students Mr. Alex Skorcz defended his thesis to a very good reception. Mr. Scorkz worked on a simplified converter technology in collaboration with Baldor Motors and Drives. After graduation, Mr. Skorcz went to work with TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company on their power electronics division at their Austin office.

Dr. T.A. Lipo’s visit

Dr. Lipo visited the ECEN Department at Texas A&M University as part of the Distinguished lecturer series on late 2007. At his visit, he offered a presentation on new power electronic converter technologies for wind power generators, and power quality standards for wind farms. He also took time to sign some of his books to those present and talk about the power electronics industry and current research interest with both professors and students. On the picture Dr. Lipo can be seen with Dr. M. Ehsani, Dr. H. Toliyat and some of the Power Electronics and Motor Drive Laboratory students.